Am I doing the right diet now?
Meet KETOSCAN Mini application ‘KETOSCAN’ that will analyze your body fat lipolysis speed in real time and perfectly support low carbohydrate high fat diet (LCHF).

KETOSCAN Mini is the product that can be interfaced and used with KETOSCAN App at any time and any place, it measures keton status, shows changing status at a glance and helps diet record through photographs.


Starting KETOSCAN Mini

Method to measure your keton status faster and more precise than any other methods

  • STEP1 Download
  • In App Store or Google Play Store, search and download ‘KETOSCAN’
  • STEP2 Bluetooth Pairing
  • Run the app first and power on, and perform pairing through device list
  • STEP3 Start Measurement
  • Pull the embedded mouth piece slot and blow respiration into KETOSCAN Mini for 3 seconds

KETOSCAN App services

  • Usage Caution
  • In-advance guide popup function for cautions during the user of respiration meter
  • Paring with Equipment
  • It is perfectly paired with the equipment and you can check respiration amount through graph
  • Keton Status Indication
  • Keton status level and body fat lipolysis speed per hour guide
  • Leave Comment
  • Photograph taking · bring up function and diet and exercise amount comment recording are possible
  • Measurement Result List
  • Measurement result list that can see keton status change over period at a glance
  • Friend Function
  • You can invite diet friend and compare rank according to the level

KETOSCAN Mini Level Guide

KETOSCAN Mini displays ketosis level, which is the indication of body fat lipolysis speed and keton generation, at total of 12 levels, along with acetone reading with differentiated acetone exclusive sensor technology.

LEVEL 0Breath Acetone Concentration(ppm) 0.0 ~ 1.0

You are not in ketosis.
Body fat is not burning. Early ketosis starts at 2ppm.

LEVEL 1Breath Acetone Concentration(ppm) 1.1 ~ 1.9

You are just right before ketosis.
Body fat is negligibly burning. Early ketosis starts at 2ppm.

LEVEL 2 ~ 4Breath Acetone Concentration(ppm) 2.0 ~ 4.9

You are at very early stage of ketosis.
Body fat has just started to burn. Proper ketosis level starts at 5ppm.

LEVEL 5 ~ 9Breath Acetone Concentration(ppm) 5.0 ~ 9.9

You are at a reliable level of ketosis.
You are burning fat at a sub moderate pace Optimum level is 10ppm.

LEVEL 10Breath Acetone Concentration(ppm) 10 ~ 40

You are in an optimum level of ketosis.
You are burning fat at a rapid pace Body fat is burning at a rapid pace Be careful not to go over 40ppm.

CautionBreath Acetone Concentration(ppm) 41 ~ 60

You are approaching an excessive level of ketosis.
You are burning fat inefficiently Adjust your level to under 40ppm.

DangerBreath Acetone Concentration(ppm) over 60

Danger! High risk level of ketosis.
There may be a serious risk to health(ketoacidosis). Please seek medical attention.