KETOSCAN Technology
What is the precision of KETOSCAN Mini?
Relationship between blood acetone concentration and acetone concentration during respiration matches 100%, and therefore, KETOSCAN Mini can precisely measure blood acetone concentration. Sentech GMI Co., Ltd. uses respiration gas analysis technology of the mother company, Sentech Korea Co., Ltd., which has 20 years career breathalyzer technology, to guarantee the precision of KETOSCAN, and it is global product with USA FDA certification for safe use.
What is self diagnosis?
KETOSCAN uses self diagnosis function, which is a patented technology. If the equipment is not used for a while and left alone, even if it is small amount, gas around the house enters inside the equipment, changing zero-point (base line) of the sensor and may influence the measurement. KETOSCAN has patented technology that can self check the equipment status during the measurement preparation stage, and if it decides that zero-point is incorrect, it does not show the measurement after blowing by the user but uses respiration gas of the user for zero-point adjustment and requires the measurement again. Self-diagnosis operates automatically as such according to the situation, so even if it occurs frequently, it is not that the equipment function is degraded but it is for more precise measurement, so you don’t have to worry.
What is sensor refill?
As explained above, to measure keton with acetone, it needs to detect ppm level extremely low concentration, so a very sensitive sensor is required. If you use sensor frequently, it is inevitably contaminated by foreign objects mixed in the respiration, which requires readjustment of the precision, and such process is called calibration. But, only with calibration, sensor cannot be fully recovered, so KETOSCAN provides sensor refill service to replace with new sensor and calibrate. KETOSCAN displays message in its exclusive map recommending sensor refill after 300 times usage, and stops the use of the equipment after 320 times measurements, so you need to request sensor refill to our service center.