Real-time fat burning monitor


Based on more than 20 years of breath sensor technology

We have been manufacturing breath alcohol sensors for more than 20 years.
With several year’s worths of sensor know-how as our background,
we succeeded in developing a new breath acetone analyzer KETOSCAN.
KETOSCAN provides your breath acetone concentration
and body fat burning rate through your simple breath


The game changer of
the way of ketosis measurement


How have you been checking your ketosis state so far?

ㆍMeasure your ketosis whenever and wherever
ㆍSimply just breathe out for 3 seconds
ㆍHigh sensitive sensor quickly detects your breath acetone resolution


Simply breathe out for 3 seconds


When do you need KETOSCAN?

ㆍMeasuring your ketone level when you are doing on low carb, LCHF, and Paleo diet
ㆍChecking your TRUE fat loss not muscle or body water loss
ㆍConfirms your ketosis state when you are doing on a ketogenic meal for treatment of disease


What are people saying about KETOSCAN?

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