No blood and no pain to track your ketosis state.
Monitor your fat metabolism and manage your weight loss with Ketoscan Lite easier than ever!
Just breathe out for few seconds to know your breath ketone state and your current body fat burning rate.

✔ Advanced breath sampling technology: Do not need to blow longer or harder anymore. The state-of-the-art breath sensor technology ensures faster and easier measurements with hassle-free operations.

✔ Lower maintenance cost: Use drink straws if you don’t have mouthpieces. Find ¼ inch diameter of drink straw and cut  2 inches long to use as a mouthpiece instead.

✔ Keto Logbook app: Input your readings manually and set your diet goal on the app. Make your personalized keto diet journal and macro logbook. (*Bluetooth pairing with the app does not support, so readings need to be entered on the app by the user)

✔ Syncs with calorie counter app Fatsecret: Monitor your daily carbs intake and track your macronutrients ratio by sync with Fatsecret.

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