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Ketoscan mini is a portable breath acetone analyzer that measures the ketone level in your exhaled breath. Monitor Your Fat Metabolism or Level of Ketosis on Low carb, Ketogenic, Paleo Diet or Any Nutrition and Fitness Program

✔NON-INVASIVE: No need to prick your fingers. Just blow into the device for 3 seconds.

✔MOBILE APP. CONNECTABLE: Record and monitor your acetone levels and weight daily, weekly and on a monthly basis. Also Leave comments, and track your calories with photos of the food that you ate.

✔RESULT IN PPM : Check your results on both the device and the mobile app. Even without the mobile app., the device displays your results in PPM(Parts Per Million) on the built in white dot matrix display.

✔CACULATE BODY FAT BURNING RATE: With the result you can determine your body fat burning rate as well as your optimal ketosis state. It will help you plan your nutrition and fitness regime.

Measurement up to 99 PPM

Accurately measures breath acetone concentration at 100 resolutions (0.0~99) using a PPM (Part Per Million) measurement.
Ketoscan mini provides you with 13 levels of results that are simple and easy to understand.

Breathe out for 3 seconds

3 seconds is enough time to hack your metabolism. Inhale slightly and then blow into the device. It displays a result after blowing for just 3 seconds. An installed highly sensitive flow-rate sensor ensures accurate results.

Sensor’s sensitivity & selectivity

The high resolution acetone sensor of Ketoscan mini is unique to other breath sensors in that it is 10 times more sensitive to ethanol and 50 times more sensitive to hydrogen(generated in the intestine) than other sensors. It is designed to detect acetone and ignore other gasses that could contaminate the results.

Self-diagnostic mode

The highly sensitive acetone sensor in Ketoscan mini is protected with self-diagnostics for sustainable and long term use. The device automatically detects whether a self-diagnostic test is required.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Back-to-back accuracy. FSA approved. Connects with Apple Health Kit. LOVE IT!!!

Love this meter. I’ve used strips and blood meters but this is the most accurate. Strips can be highly variable. I’ve tried two different meters that were highly rated but had a high range of variability between immediate testing back to back. I have no cons to write about.

– Amazon customer

5.0 out of 5 stars

Great device… I believe this measurement correlates to your GKI!

The simple fact that these numbers are even CLOSE to the relationship I predicted based on GKI is awesome!… Anyways, this device is definitely worth getting. I find it easier to use. I get more reliable readings out of this. Very Impressed!

– Amazon customer


Replace the sensor, and renew your device

Over time(300 test cycles-320max), the self diagnostic test mode is less effective and KETOSCAN mini will not provide accurate results.

Device is locked after 320 test cycles.
Sensor replacement(and calibrated) your breath ketone meter KETOSCAN mini will be as good as new!

30 reviews for FSA or HSA Eligible

  1. edesteban

    I was skeptical at first but after researching this device along with others in the market, I decided to go with Ketoscan. What sold me was the accuracy of the sensor given the history of Sentech. I am glad that I did go with this device. The readings off of the Ketoscan Mini compared to my keto blood meter and strip are very close. The convenience of this device keeps me motivated and focused to stay in ketosis The build quality is very good and the battery life is great. The app is well done and I have no complaints on its functionality. So far so good… I’m a satisfied customer.

  2. billhuangtw (verified owner)

    It is easy to use with user-friendly app. The device gives status of fat burning which can not done with urine strip.

    The only downside so far is that the device may need frequent self-diagnosis so that I need to blow twice (one for self-diagnosis and one for real measurement) before I get the reading.

    Overall, the device is well made and satisfactory.

  3. Jason (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the keto diet for 3 years to help with arthritis pain. I’ve found there’s a direct correlation between pain relief & how strict I am with eliminating carbs. I bought the ketoscan to help me quantify exactly where I need to be & what foods I can & can’t consume. So far, I’ve found it to give very consistent results that track closely with my diet. I’ve used it to test a couple foods like sugarfree gum, nuts, & cheese to test how they impacted my ketone levels.

  4. Gerald L. Hopkins (verified owner)

    I just received this Ketoscan Mini this morning. I charged it while reading the information that came with the unit, and installed the app to my Smartphone. Following the instructions in the written material and on the app, I found that it worked in a very straightforward manner. I was very pleased.

    I am new to Keto dieting, but I had done some Atkins some years ago. I remember using the urine strips, and going through awkward efforts to obtain inconsistent, and therefore unreliable results.

    This device was not awkward to use, and gave me a result which correlated very well to my measured weight loss over the last several weeks. I intend to use it going forward to verify to what degree my food choices affect my state of ketosis, so that I can manage my intake with the desired result. Without this device, I would be flying blind.

    I would recommend this to anyone who wants to be able to monitor their efforts to be able to achieve their desired results. Although it may seem a little pricey, when you consider the cost of obtaining suitable food, it seems to me that by selecting intelligently you can obtain the desired results and perhaps even save the cost of the unit.

    I will update this review in the future if it seems necessary.

  5. Matt

    I ended up returning mine just because is no longer needed to monitor my ketones and they were very accommodating…

    That said, I was overall pretty impressed with the unit. It seems to be quality and the readings are consistent. I measured against a blood ketone meter and did notice similar trends showing up on each. The breath acetone does seem to not monitor fluctuations as discreetly as the blood, which makes sense i given how and what it’s measuring. It would make for a reasonable substitute for daily readings over the blood meter in my opinion and would effectively be much cheaper over time.

    As an example, if I saw a 1.0 increase in my blood ketone reading, I would generally see a 8-12 ppm increase in acetone. This shows a similar trends, roughly 1.0 change, with a couple of PPM difference given different measurement type. To me this is accurate and reliable enough (I did back to back tests and they were consistent) to use in lieu of blood for multiple tests, day to day and easily track and chart trends through the app.

  6. Ignacio Morell

    Awesome product!
    Other breath analyzers take a long time to warm-up while KetoScan is ready to use within a minute!

  7. Natalia Mikhalchanka (verified owner)

    I am delighted with this device. I can control fat loss very easily. This motivates me for further action. I recommend it to everyone. I already lost 5 kg.

  8. Clifford Albro (verified owner)

    I just got my Ketoscan mini last week and already see a difference. I have made a few slight changes in diet and I’m seeing my immediate results in my acetone readings.
    I find the device easy to use and any extra self diagnosis’s not much of an inconvenience.
    The benefits out way the extra minute it may take.
    I would highly recommend this to anyone without reservation.

  9. chrisskelton4659 (verified owner)

    I read a lot of reviews, watched video reviews, and researched the heck out of measuring devices. I agonized over spending this much money….but very glad I did. The setup was easy and the device was up and running in just a few minutes. I have used the Ketoscan Mini for several days and readings are consistent and tracking with my carb intake. Over the long term this is far more economical that blood testing strips and much much easier to use. I am very happy with my decision and would highly recommend this device.

  10. updownslope (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with the Ketoscan Mini. I was hesitant to do anything involving a blood draw, and when I saw this was a possibility, I was interested. After reading the reviews, I decided to give it a try. Happy I did. It’s easy to use and set up. But most important to me is the consistency. When I eat a lot of carbs, it shows up in the results. When I don’t, it does as well. It seems to really track with what I’m eating in ways that makes sense, while I also helping inform my eating decisions based on the data it’s giving me about my body’s reactions. The self diagnosis is quick, and the app makes tracking my progress easy. Happy with my investment in this!

  11. MIGUEL GUERRA (verified owner)

    Nothing else like it on the market. Dont waste your money on the cheap breathalyzers, if you’re serious about keto, make the investment. This is a precision device that performs a self diagnosis and the results keep you motivated. Highly recommend!

  12. Brenda (verified owner)

    I love it! Found I was in too high keto sis and that is why my weight loss had stalled. Began drinking more water. Thanks KETOSCAN

  13. Ashley Lippold (verified owner)

    The KETOSCAN mini is easy to use and helps keep me on track with my eating. It is convenient, and I love that no bodily fluids are required.
    The app that is used with the device is great. After blowing into the meter, the app will tell you what your reading is, what level of Ketosis you’re in, and how much fat you’re burning per hour. It records your level everyday, so you can track your levels easily.
    I highly recommend the KETOSCAN mini.

  14. Mark

    The battery life is good and it’s easy to use. Overall I’m pretty happy with it.

    That said, the app is pretty annoying. It feels as though they’re trying to make it seem like it provides more than it actually does. For instance, I see no reason that I should need to confirm each day that I understand what may effect the results…especially what that exact same information is on the screen that counts down to being ready for a breath. That screen should be something I can turn off on a preferences page.

    As a nice thing to add…it would be cool if the app could graph your data over time, rather than show you each day sorted by months. Or provide some sort of export/share so we could do that outside the app.

  15. sgvua1 (verified owner)

    This is really a quality product, easy to set up and seems to be accurate. I have tried 2 other brands and the ketoscan is, by far, the best !

  16. jasmdonley (verified owner)

    I’ve been “clean” intermittent fasting for the past year and a half. Six months in, the scale stopped moving and I actually put back on about 5 pounds. For the next year I plateaued, so frustrating. So I looked for something to give me some additional info about what I might be missing. Enter Ketoscan! After researching the market, I liked the reliability and ease of the Ketoscan mini. It’s been just what I needed to help me be truly honest with myself, and to get the scale moving (downward) again!

  17. Michael Lie (verified owner)

    I’ve started a Keto-esque diet 6 months ago. The results were amazing from weight, body n visceral fat reduction measures. But I had trouble measuring my Keto levels with the urine strips- it was mostly showing negative. I did not want to prick my finger for blood based test. So I was very happy when I read a good review on FT HTSI. I ordered one soon after. It was quite easy to set up n use. It’s also well designed n compact. I am looking forward to monitor my progress.

  18. lisa.depinet (verified owner)

    Works great. I would recommend it to friends.

  19. Richard Marlette (verified owner)

    I’m very particular about my health and the products that I use and KETOSCAN mini is an exceptional addition to my ability to accurately track my Ketones. I’ve tried inferior methods such as urine strips and found them unreliable. KETOSCAN mini is clearly a highly sensitive and precision device that will help anyone wanting to achieve maximum results from a Keto lifestyle. Highly recommended!

  20. purnell.angela

    This mini KETOSCAN has been a true valuable asset, on my keto lifestyle journey. I have compared it with different ketone testers and it has maintained its accuracy. I would recommend this device to anyone considering the ketogenic diet.

  21. lavaun.sykes (verified owner)

    I have been looking for a way to test to see if I’m in ketosis. This product is what I have been searching for. The digital display on the front of the meter tells you what is happening and the cellphone app syncs easily. The breath acetone numbers results are easy to see how deep into ketosis you might or might not be. The need to send this device in for maintenance is a plus for me, making it reliablable over a longer period of time. I would recommend this device to anyone looking for a simplified method of testing.

  22. RJ (verified owner)

    So easy to setup and so accurate. Better than the competition and other methods you can use to check if you’re in ketosis.

  23. Dona Alvarez (verified owner)

    Just received my KETOSCAN mini. So far so good.

  24. pyunghwalee (verified owner)

    I love this little machine! The delivery, first of all, was very impressive — I ordered it on Thursday night, it got here Saturday morning. I’ve been using the urine strip but after a while, it kind of lost its purpose (because the urine strip measures ketones that’s released from your body). So I purchased blood ketone meter, but realized how expensive it is and therefore not sustainable (each strip costs about a dollar). Poking myself each time wasn’t fun either, and it wasn’t like I could get enough blood from one poke (to test once, I would poke 2-3 places). Finally, I thought I should own a Ketoscan to be serious about biohacking and ketogenic lifestyle. I’m so happy about this purchase, because I can measure my ketone level (to be precise, the acetone in my breath) without worrying about the cost and without having to see blood. I compared the measurements throughout the day with my blood ketone meter, and they seem to correspond pretty well, so I’m convinced that these are accurate.

  25. simi_or2005 (verified owner)

    This is a super convenient device. I never tried the blood meter because I’m just not the person to prick my fingers, also the pee strips are simply not working. I used this for almost a week now and I love it. Easy to use and looks accurate. I needed something like this so I can use it on the go. Down 18lbs 32 more to go and I just think it will be easier to figure out what foods keep me in optimal ketosis because not every body is the same.

  26. Marc

    Yes, it may be regarded as somewhat costly, but measuring is knowing. And given the rather significant investment in both time and food resources a strict healthy keto diet takes, the cost of the device is a next mile I recommend to anyone.

    With regards to the many cheap alternative ones out there, I’m glad this company makes a high quality premium device. Both usable independent (was important for me) and in collaboration with an app if you want to track. I was at level 10 ketosis, tested on my girlfriend and showed a 0.0 score as she is not on keto; that proof of perfect working right there.

    The self-diagnostics is sometimes a bit of an annoying wait, but I think it improves accuracy so worthwhile. the max. 300 breath tests before you need to ship it back to replace the sensor is a bit concerning. But then again, I estimate heavy use in the beginning with periodic use later on so should be fine.

  27. wphtw (verified owner)

    I really don’t want to do blood keto test and the breath keto testing devices, after doing many researches seems to be all over the place with some sketchy products mixed in. Ketoscan is made by a reputable company that specializes in breath detector for the police force’s use. So far it’ has been easy to use and the app is great- especially love the function where you can attach photos of food you eat.

  28. Christopher Moore

    Quantitative acetone sensitive device from a trusted company. Looking forward to continued use with this device, but I appreciate their commitment to the sensitivity of the reading. Seems to correlate well with my BHB. With a health condition that requires a therapeutic level of ketosis, I look forward to being able to use this product to maintain my health. Would recommend

  29. CosmicCarrie

    I have had this device since April 22. It is so accurate and really helps me know where I am. It also keeps me motivated and progressing towards my weight loss goals. Thank you for this device..

  30. martinlopez1969 (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with this devise.

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