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[CES 2019] KETOSCAN, a Device that Uses Breathing to Measure Body Fat Burned, Selected for ‘Top5 Korean Products of CES 2019’

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SENTECH GMI(CEO Dojoon Yoon) showcased ‘KETOSCAN,’ a device that uses breathing to measure the amount of body fat burned, at CES 2019 which was held in Las Vegas, USA, and was selected as one of ‘Top5 Korean Products of CES 2019.’

Hosted by Electronic Times Internet, ‘Top5 Korean Products of CES 2019’ is a project that deals with Korean SMEs and selects Korean products and services that readers should look out for the year at CES, with considerations to creativity, marketability, mass production, and investment value.

SENTECH GMI’s ‘KETOSCAN,’ which was selected for the award, is a product that can measure the rate of body fat burned by breathing into it and is characterized by its ability to measure the amount of acetone expelled while breathing to measure the amount of body fat consumed accurately. It is differentiated from existing body fat meters due to them halotestin dose not being able to recognize the weight loss as moisture in the body and muscle mass decreases.

Besides, it has been miniaturized so that it can be used with ease in hospitals, clinics, or at gyms, and can be used anywhere at any time for users to directly measure the amount of body fat lost and predict future weight loss.

Officials revealed that “The goal of participating in this CES was to promote SENTECH GMI’s new product and to emerge as the world’s leading company in the body fat meter market.”

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