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KETOSCAN Clinical Trial 01

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KETOSCAN is a breath ketone meter that monitors your body fat burning rate. We looked at how much of body fat burning would be maximized when you were doing on a regular low-calorie diet with exercise. So we conducted a clinical trial of how accurately breath ketone meter KETOSCAN mini measures body fat burning rate with a woman in her 30s.

  • Fact check of KETOSCAN
FACT.1 KETOSCAN’s analyzing of your body fat burning rate correctly in each level
FACT.2 KETOSCAN’s displaying higher breath acetone (breath ketone) level when your meal and exercise combined.
FACT.3 KETOSCAN enables you to do an adequate diet as well as checking your fat metabolism.
  • The result of KETOSCAN’s clinical trial

| Location: Sentech’s laboratory / Subject: 1 Woman in her 30s / Period: 28 Days

| Meal: low calories dietary meal (Consumed 70% of recommend calories + low carb)

| Exercise: No exercise Day 1~19 / 1H per day of treadmill exercise Day 20~30

| Experimental purpose: Evaluate the accuracy of KETOSCAN’s body fat burning measurement

| Measurement: 3 times/day (at the same time every day), Brac measured by KETOSCAN, Body fat measured by Inbody


Subject’s result

-The average of Brac during 30 days : 5.4ppm (LEVEL 5)

-The average of Body fat during 30 days : 3.1gram /hour (75gram/day)

-Brac increased D20 significantly since the exercise was combined


KETOSCAN’s calculation

LEVEL 5 on KETOSCAN means 3.8 gram of body fat is burning per hour

Actual body fat burning rate 3.1 g/h of subject and

3.8 g/h of KETOSCAN’s pre-set value are about the same.

Just blow into the ketone breathalyzer KETOSCAN for 3 seconds to monitor your fat metabolism.

Even if you lose your weight, you never know it caused by muscle loss, body water loss, or body fat loss. KETOSCAN makes you monitor and track your real-time body fat burning rate per hour!


Am I doing the right diet?

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