[Keto Foods] Rhubarb

By January 26, 2021No Comments

If you’ve never heard of rhubarb, it might be time to broaden your palate.

Rhubarb tastes tart, and you can enjoy it raw, roasted, or puréed in a small, low-carb smoothie or moderate portion of sauce.

A ½-cup serving contains about 1.7 g of net carbs and only about 13 calories. Rhubarb also has 176 mg of potassium (3.7 percent DV), 62 international units (IU) of vitamin A (1.2 percent DV), 4.9 mg of vitamin C (8.2 percent DV), and 52 mg of calcium (5.2 percent DV).

Just remember to remove the leaves before eating, as they can be toxic in large amounts.

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