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KETOSCAN Clinical Trial 03

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#1 Do you still judge the success of your diet with the scale?

The reason you lose weight may be due to a decrease in body moisture or muscle.

If you are on a diet based on your scale measurements, you may experience Yo-yo effect and gain more weight.


#2 Check the fat bunt rate in real time.

Ketoscan mini measures the amount of breath ketone in your body and inform you how much your fat is burning per hour with exhale breath of just 3 seconds.

Enhance your diet motivation by checking your body fat loss in real time.



Portable ketone breath meter Ketoscan mini was traveling for 100 days with the diet project team, Arnold Hong 100 Days Appointment – 34th, to see if the data presented by the ketone breath meter Ketoscan mini and its application match the actual body fat loss of the dieters.



Participants condition

| Period: May 26 to August 24, 2019 (90 days)

| Ratio of men to women: 4 men and 3 women.

| Dietary: diet food

| Exercise: Five days a week, team exercise at 06:40 am

| Measurement

  • The participants’ Ketoscan mini measurements (acetone concentration) are calculated on average within the project period.
  • The amount of body fat loss per hour of participants is calculated based on the results of the in-body measurements on the first and last day of the project.


Analysis results

The body fat loss tested by Breath Ketone meter Ketoscan Mini and the actual body fat loss (oz/hour) are relatively consistent.


#3 My Diet Friend, ketone breathalyzer Ketoscan Mini

Depending on one’s purpose and body constitution, the proper diet methods are all different.

Find your best way to diet with KETOSCAN mini.